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I’m Jayci Haase, an Ohio State Alum and enthusiastic communications / marketing professional. I focus on digital, PR and creative projects and thrive in small team, many-hat-wearing environments. I’m driven, loyal and relationship-oriented and really value a sense of humor.

My heart is in Ohio. I love the Columbus community and am always looking for opportunities to get involved. Every opportunity for a new skill or experience related to my field is welcome; it helps prepare me for any marketing or public relations task that is thrown my way.

My expertise is bringing an element of creativity and innovation to PR and marketing strategies. I have an eye for the big picture and am well-versed in organizing a plan to get there. I’m analytical by nature and think about problems from all angles before diving in. Plus, I thrive when working with people and find it easy to connect and understand their needs.

It’s no secret that my career is just budding, and I look forward to the challenges, achievements, changes and experiences that I will surely face. I aspire to form as many meaningful relationships as possible and help make a difference in this remarkable city.

Take a look around to learn more about me, my skills and my experience. Don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s something you can’t find.

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